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Detectiv Agency Prices

Valid since 01.04.2009.

    1. Rates investigations: between 450 Ron - Ron 3500 (pricing is based on the complexity of the case)
    2. Rates surveillance, monitoring:
    * supervision is performed by the crew car detectives 1-3 (depending on mission requirements and technical specifications);
    * between 80 Ron - 140 Ron / hour.

    3. Rates infiltration staff - pricing is based on the complexity of the case / detective involved: Between 1500 - 3000 Ron / week / detective.
    At those rates are applied following increases depending on the specific case flibbertigibbet:
      1. Spor detectives to travel outside Bucharest - 20%
      2. Spor night (20.00 hours - 06.00) - 20% .
      3. Growth of the weekend - 20% .
      4. Spor legal holiday - 50%.

*For  Bucharest billed is minimum 4 (four) hours a day. Travel by means of transport in the country and abroad (train, plane, boat, etc.) bills will be correspondingly increased transport costs.
*For any operation will be  paid in advance at least 50% of the contract.
*For complex operations or duration longer than 30 hours we will negotiate the tariff.
*The agency does not charge the VAT rate. The specific activities of surveillance and investigation, we mention that the agency will comply with the principle of legality, rights and freedoms of citizens to stay and also the truth of professional secrecy.

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